The Ballad Of Shirley Collins

(Documentary / Screening CPH:DOX 25/3 2018) 

”Between the years 1959 and 1980 Shirley Collins helped change the course of traditional music in both England and America. Now, some thirty years after disappearing from the limelight, she's back...”

Tim Plester & Rob Curry's follow-up to their award-winning documentary 'Way of the Morris' is a lyrical response to the life and work of the musical pioneer and living folk legend Shirley Collins. Not intended as a straightforward biopic or a simple duck-soup rockumentary, 'The Ballad Of Shirley Collins' is a film about stories and storytelling. A film about the enduring narratives which lie embedded within the songs Shirley has spent her lifetime collecting and invoking. A film about heritage, posterity and the true melody of the people. Partly inspired by Shirley's own enchanting autobiography 'America Over The Water', the film will re-tell the story of the iconic road-trip she took around the Deep South of America as companion to the legendary field-recordist Alan Lomax. Alongside this, the film will also act as a celebration of Shirley's gallant return (after a long and painful struggle with dysphonia) to both the recording-studio and the perils of the live musical arena.

Following a hugely successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, production on 'The Ballad Of Shirley Collins' is already well underway.