(Short 25 min. / Completed) 

Snus – a harmless alternative to smoking according to some. Wrong. Snus is more dangerous than cigarettes. But just how much more, small time thief Karsten couldn´t have imagined in his worst nightmares.

Premiere London Film Festival, 7/10 2016, also shown Rome Nordic Film Festival 2017.

Around a wooden table, on plastic chairs with worn red cushions, three inmates sit down and drink coffee; redheaded former construction worker and bootlegger Karsten Lammström, 41, the aptly named Mikael "Mini" Morén, 29, and aristocratic Iraqi Basil ”Baghdad” Irarra, 54. Baghad is reading the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, while Karsten and Mini discuss snus, prismasters, different caps on the canister and particularly all the different brands of snus Karsten has tested during his life. The conversation suddenly comes to a halt when Baghdad points at a picture in the newspaper. The prison is about to receive yet another guest. And a very nasty one indeed – Serbian war lord Zlatko Pavic, an infamous torturer...