(Animation 27 min. / Completed)

When eleven year old Melker falls in love with his best friend Ann, his childhood paradise begins to crumble. Melker now has to defend everything he used to take for granted, and take extreme measures in doing so. But Melkers lack of talent in the toughness-department and his blind love for Ann leads in the end to an explosive and tragic climax.

Cast: Tomas von Brömssen, Björn Kjellman, Nour El Refai m.fl

Warm, intricate, sad and funny the dazzling movie MELKER shows us the most common ground of all, suburbia, and the memories we all share: the long and hard journey from innocence to experience. Watching MELKER is like watching The Simpsons at it´s best, but done the European way: more warmth, more psychology and much more drama. You´re in for a real treat.

Our intention with MELKER, an animated dramedy, is to give children and young adults something out of the ordinary. In this autobiographical depiction about growing up in the suburbs we've been meticulous about character development, psychology and warmth. Like hidden rye in wads of sugar MELKER's mission is to give the young viewer a journey through the whole emotional range and furthermore to plant seeds for interesting afterthoughts. Because below the glittering multi-coloured surface we tell the story about real people made out of flesh and blood. Real people – recognizable and identifiable – and who we describe with a personal tone of voice and a lot of heart. With the movie MELKER we hope to break new ground. We have worked with subtle emotions, straight readings, and a close to life soundscape. It should feel as though it's for real. Because it is.

Clip from the animation